Deep-dive Workshops

Deep-dive Workshops

wednesday 6 may  : 15:30 -18:30 / friday 8 may : 10:15 - 11:45

Dive into an interactive workshop exploring the complex urban ecosystems of one of four particular challenges, guided by URBACT capitalisation teams.   Select your preferred theme at registration. Every festival goer will take part in one workshop.

New Urban Economies: How to transform our cities ?

Moderation: Willem van Winden, Coordinator for the URBACT workstream on new urban economies, Lead Expert of the URBACT EUniverCities Network 
  • Luis de Carvalho, University of Porto, Portugal and Thematic Expert of the URBACT EUNIVERCITIES network
  • Maite Ayestaran Vega, City of San Sebastian 
  • Jamie Cudden, City of Dublin
 Congress Hall Room WS 4
What's going on? The bits and bytes are becoming aggressive and eating into our cities. It’s easier than ever to buy online; but shops on the high street suffer. It's cool to stay in AirBnB and easy to book an Uber taxi; but hotels and taxi companies are losing clients and jobs. It’s fun (and cheap) to take your smart phone and order a home-delivery meal; but what about the restaurants? Many services (public and private), are only available online. But not everybody is online! 
The digital revolution is gaining pace, and it is transforming our cities. E-health solutions transform the health sector, digital platforms enable the emergence of a collaborative economy, and electricity grids are increasingly “smart”. New green solutions and business models emerge. How to support a new wave of entrepreneurship? Are all citizens ready? Are the not-so-innovative companies ready? Are the policymakers aware? Are the schools and universities teaching the needed skills? What can cities do to guide the transition, if anything? To find out some of these answers come and check out this workshop.

Job Generation for a Jobless Generation: What can cities do to grow jobs for young people? 

Moderation: Alison Partridge, Coordinator of the URBACT workstream on job generation, Lead Expert of the URBACT ESIMeC Network
  • Bela Kezy, Thematic Expert for the URBACT Roma Net II Network
  • Sue Cooke, City of Leeds
  • Zoi Chatziantoniou, City of Thessaloniki
 Congress Hall Room WS 3
What can your city do to grow jobs for young people? Drawing on the results of our work, you will explore how to better understand the youth employment challenge in cities and how to more effectively engage employers. You will have an opportunity to look in depth at some examples of city policies and practices that seem to be working and then to explore how to use the URBACT findings to 'youth proof' your own economic development strategies and activities so as to grow jobs for young people.

Making the most of Social Innovation: How can our cities change?

Moderation: François Jégou, Coordinator of the URBACT workstream on social innocation, Lead Expert of the URBACT Sustainable Food in Urban Communities Network
  • Paweł Adamowicz, Mayor of the City of Gdansk
  • Magdalena Skiba, City of Gdansk 
  • Anne de Feijter, City of Amersfoort 
  • Marcelline Bonneau, Strategic Design Scenarios and coordinator of the URBACT workstream on social innovation
 Congress Hall Room WS 1
Cities currently face increasing complex problems combined with reductions in their budgets. This workshop will present solutions to do more with citizens. It will shed light into the increasing potential of social innovation for cost efficient measures. how can city administrations change their attitude and enhance the cooperation with their citizens?
Join us in the living exhibition!
Examples from Amersfoort (in the Netherlands), Gdansk (in Poland) but also Bristol (UK), Budapest (HU), Brussels (BE), Cologne (DE) York (UK) and others will be pictured so that you can grasp the essence of the solutions they put forward.
Read our publication: Social innovation in cities

The path towards sustainable regeneration: What can cities do?

Moderator : Darinka Czischke, Coordinator of the URBACT workstream on sustainable regeneration, Delft University of Technology
  • Conor Moloney, BioRegional
  • Nils Scheffler, Lead Expert of the URBACT Markets Network 
  • Ausra Sicuniene, City of Vilnius
  • Representative from the city of Hamburg (TBC)
  • Catalina Turcu, The Bartlett School of Planning, UCL (TBC)
 Congress Hall Room WS 2
The environmental quality of our cities is one of the most pressing challenges we face today, determining not only the wellbeing of urban dwellers but also a city's economic performance. While environmental problems have become global, there are important actions that cities can take at local level to tackle these challenges. We invite you to come to our workshop and learn about innovative and path-breaking approaches and solutions from cities across Europe with different “starting points” in their path towards environmentally sustainable urban regeneration. Through examples of a “progressive city” (Hamburg) and a “stepping-up city" (Vilnius) in the field of environmental sustainability, we will illustrate specific challenges and solutions that can work in different contexts. Come and join us to discuss YOUR city’s path to environmental sustainability too!

What do you want to learn about: Boosting your city economy ? Increasing youth employment? Strengthening social innovation? Regenerating neighbourhoods in a sustainable way?

Then, take a deep breath and dive in! Think of our four workshops as a way to explore the complex and wonderful world of the urban system.

A 90’ experience that can change your city’s life and future.

Dive to the depths of the problems cities are facing today, and become fascinated by the variety of good practices in place. Take your time and look around, you will get inspired, provoked, and excited! Then re-surface and take your treasures back home.